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Health and Safety Unit of the CAA

Welcome to the Health and Safety Unit of the CAA (CAA HSU).

The Civil Aviation Authority is designated to administer the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) in respect of the aviation sector, specifically for aircraft while in operation.  See below for the definition of ‘operation’.

The Health & Safety Unit of the CAA was established to fulfill that function.

HSWA recognises that a well-functioning health and safety system relies on participation, leadership, and accountability by government, business and workers. 

The principle of HSWA is that workers and other persons should be given the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety, and welfare from work risks as is reasonably practicable.

Definition of 'In Operation' and 'Work On Board'

The Prime Ministerial Designation requires the CAA to administer the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) for the aviation sector, specifically for aircraft while in operation.

It covers the administration of the Act for work on board aircraft and for aircraft as places of work while in operation. Specifically, from section 9(4) in operation means while the aircraft is taxiing, taking off, flying or landing.

The designation further clarifies this and the CAA may perform all the functions and exercise all the powers of the regulator under HSWA in respect of:

  1. Work to prepare an aircraft for imminent flight;
  2. Work on board an aircraft for the purpose of imminent flight or while in operation; and
  3. Aircraft as workplaces while in operation.

The CAA takes the view that:

Work On Board: Means work in respect of the aircraft operation.

In Operation: Means it is from the moment of initial movement of the aircraft until the aircraft fully ceases movement, the intent of the pilot being that the operation has ended. For aircraft using chocks, effectively it is the time when the chocks have been removed until the chocks are replaced, that is, 'chock to chock'.

Contacting the CAA Health and Safety Unit

If you have a Health and Safety problem or issue that you think falls within the CAA's jurisdiction, then you should:

  • In the first instance, address it with your colleagues or representatives, and then your employer, in an attempt to get the issue resolved in the best way. The Health and Safety at Work Act is quite specific with respect to the responsibilities of all parties.
  • If your in-house action does not result in a fix for the problem or deal with the issue, then contact the Health and Safety Unit of the CAA.

You have the right to contact the CAA HSU at any time regarding any HSWA issues that fall within the CAA's designation.

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