Resources released by WorkSafe

Created: 2016-08-03

WorkSafe releases two new Interpretive Guidelines and an Information Sheet on Wire Strike.

Wire Strike Information Sheet

At this time of year, low-level spraying is a frequent occurrence and farmers and agricultural pilots need to work together to stay safe around wires. That’s
the message from WorkSafe and the Civil Aviation Authority who have developed an information sheet on how to prevent wire strike – a cause of many agricultural pilot accidents and deaths.

The information sheet can be downloaded, printed and used in discussions about minimising risk with other PCBUs when planning the work to be undertaken.

General Risk and Workplace Management - Interpretive Guidelines

WorkSafe have developed two sets of resources describing certain health and safety duties under the Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016.  These highlight the sections of regulations and the guidance gives an explanation of how businesses could meet the regulations.

General Risk and Workplace Management Part 1 covers the requirements for workplaces and facilities, information, training, instruction and supervision, personal protective equipment, monitoring, first aid, emergency plans and young people.

General Risk and Workplace Management Part 2 covers the requirements for remote or isolated work, atmospheres with potential for fire or explosion, raised and falling objects, loose material in enclosed spaces and substances hazardous to health.